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I’d rather sell a Toyota than a Citroen

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The 2008 car dealer hit parade has come out on the usinenouvelle.com site.

classement_concessionnairesSurprise, surprise, Toyota have come out on top, for the second consecutive year. What is that Lean principle again? When the going gets tough, hang onto your key personnel, and get them doing other things to hang onto customers. Such as delighting your dealer network.

A look at the fallers drums up some interesting surprises. Mercedes, the 2007 champions, confirm their mid-table position of last year. Citroen, last year’s runners-up by a whisker… down to 16th!! How can you get that bad in the space of one year?

In fact the French constructors are huddled together in the bottom third. The article explains that this is due to the size of the dealer network. Big is not always beautiful. In the case of Citroen, the fact that the dealers had to fork out 100 grand each to absorb a logo change didn’t win many votes either. Talk about customer value!!

Toyota, on the other hand, have “an attractive range, good quality products, a ‘green’ image, and availability is good. The processing of guarantees and the financing of new cars is also praised. Looks like they’ve implemented Lean processes pretty much everywhere.

The only criticism is that the dealers don’t seem to be making a whole mountain of money out of Toyota. Oh well, when that’s all there is to complain about…

Congratulations must go out to Chrysler, up to ninth, after a couple of years in the lower reaches.

And one word of advice to any of you thinking of buying an Italian car from a French dealer. Don’t!! The dealers haven’t had a high opinion of any of the constructors for three years now. So how on earth can they convincingly try to sell them?

But that’s car dealers for you.

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