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Why on earth would you want to train me like a Dane?

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As we all know (or suspected, if we had taken the time to think about it), people just love getting trained. Lean Management is all about building a competent, responsible and dependable work force, so it’s not surprising that everybody jumps at the chance of even more training…

Don’t they?

There’s an interesting article in this morning’s “Les Echos”, France’s number 1 daily business read. For some reason not at all explained in the article, somebody carried out a survey in France and… in Denmark of all places (obviously Belgium and Germany were not exotic enough, and the budget didn’t extend outside of Europe). I won’t quote all of the figures, only the more interesting ones. How about these?

           – 75% of French people questioned see training as a way of improving their CV (86% in Denmark)

           – only 55% (69% in Denmark) think that training could help change jobs

           – 85% reckon that the employer gets more out the training than the individual

           – 18% judge that training protects them against layoffs … against a massive 62% in  a very utopian Denmark.

The article concludes that the French see training as a means to mobility, of kicking off a new stage in their career outside of the company. However, it is perceived as being more imposed than desired – it’s more a case of the employer taking the opportunity to ‘train and move the people on’. In Denmark, training is seen as part of a career plan : 10% of Danes see it as a means of developing their network, against a measly 1% in France. And the conclusion of the conclusion is that France has a lot to learn from Denmark in their approach to training.

I can’t say that I’m totally convinced given the figures that either country has the right outlook. However, it certainly prods us to think twice next time that we proudly send our teams off for training, under the impression that they actually want to go.

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