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Unhappy with FedEx and want the world to know it

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Every now and then we all get a need to gripe and complain. If done in a positive way with the aim of improvement, I see nothing wrong with it. Last week I order two books from www.lean.org, books which I couldn’t find either on French or UK equivalent sites, or on Amazon in Europe. Therefore I was obliged to import them.

They arrived yesterday. The rest is a copy/paste from a message I’ve just sent off to orders@lean.org .

I’m sure that as one of the leading voices in Lean thinking, you’re always delighted to get customer feedback.
Well, the good news is that the goods arrived safe and sound and in good condition yesterday, so less than a week to get here.
However, the nasty surprise was the extra charge to the shipment, which I considered was already exhorbitant (33 dollars, about 23 euros at the exchange rate used).
There was a customs and excise duty of 7 euros (10 dollars) applied, which is normal, we all have to pay taxes. However, what made me extremely unhappy is that FedEx, having dug deep into their pockets to advance this amount, then charged me 12 euros (17 dollars) for ‘administrative charges’. So in the end I paid 50 dollars (not counting the excise duty) for FedEx’s service, 50% above what was published.
I think at least that you place a bright red warning statement on your web site, as this must happen every time.
And although the service is good, I will no longer be purchasing products where FedEx is quoted as the ‘preferred’ transporter.
Thanks anyway,
I wonder if Jim W. will be replying to me in person?
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