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Experiencing Change…. Personally

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Now we can all theorize about how best to manage change – although I wonder just how many change theories are applicable in Haiti just now – but there is nothing like going through a real change experience yourself to pull out the lessons for the future.

Now, I hold my head in shame in regards to what is going on elsewhere in the world. However, there was a fairly momentous occasion in my insignificant and relatively meaningless life which took place on January 1st.

In one sentence, I changed my heart rate monitor. Early readers may have caught onto the fact that I run marathons (not every week like, but enough to make it my most time-consuming pastime) and, having a psychological dependance on owning the best material (it can only make you run faster, can’t it) I chose the beginning of the year to change from.. and just read this – the Forerunner 305 to the Forerunner 405. One character difference, and my whole world has changed.

Initially, for the worse.

You see, when you become a techno freak such as myself, having the latest stuff is one priority, but ensuring that it works is another. And, at least in my own naive and initiated opinion, it didn’t. It took me until the 3rd to go out for the first time to try and melt down some of the 4kg of chocolate (at least, that’s what it felt like) ingurged over the festive period.

The marathon runners fanatics of the 305 amongst you (!!) obviously appreciate it for its large screen, touch button controls and flexible screen parameters. In no way would you change it for a child’s watch with a friction-based menu system which has no chance of working when you’ve sweaty fingers. And that’s just what the 405 seemed like at the beginning. Impossible to smoothly glide my fingers around the silver dial to bring up the various menu options. And it only started recording intermediate time every kilometer when for the past seven years I’d been pressing a red button to do so.

And worse was to come. In land not renowned for its dependable Internet connections, with the 405 you need one to transfer data from the monitor to a Pc-based analysis tool. With the 305 it was direct, monitor to PC.  And you can no longer charge the monitor through the USB port of the PC – can you imagine, you actually have to plug it in to the mains.

By the evening of the 3rd, I was therefore panicking. And putting the day’s very slow pace down to the faulty equipment!

Two weeks later, I’m a changed man. My 405 is my new best friend (we’re not sleeping together just yet however), I look forward to every outing, after which I get a mass of information I wouldn’t have any idea on how to use properly. And I’m even starting to run a little quicker. Thanks to my 405, of course.

What happened? Three things :

1) Training : As a first step, I read the instructions. Then I practiced, wrote things down. And revised.

2) Secondly, I got help. There are hundreds of forums out there with people who seem to have nothing else to do with their lives than help you out.

3) Finally I took on a positive attitude. There was no going back, this had to work, and I was going to make it do so.

Training, Teamwork and Trying. The 3 Ts of change management, at least as far as Forerunners are concerned.

So now that I have the most recent technology and am sure to be running faster, the marathon dates for 2010 have been added in red highlighter to the diary : 9th May in Mont St Michel, and 10th October (10/10/10!!) in Chicago!!

I’ll be keeping you informed of how things go!!

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  1. January 21st, 2010 at 10:56 | #1

    Hi Peter

    Just looking around your web sites etc….

    Must talk to you about getting back in to running soon. I did a half marathon in September last year – but need to get going again this year as that Christmas chocolate is still with me!

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