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You said Customer Service? Starbucks in the news.

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There’s been a fabulous study reported on today, carried out by an independant consultancy and which classifies 200 leading firms in France on the quality of their customer service (based on the switchboard, the hotline, emails and the internet site).

For those of you who just love measures, this is your lucky day. Just read on.

1) 11% of companies tested simply hang up when an English-speaker rings in. Can you imagine that? You’re already limited to doing business potentially of 89% of French firms.

2) 24% of people who man the switchboard… don’t speak English. Now, these are big firms we are talking about, not the local mom and pop shop. Down to 76% left (on the basis that there was overlap in the first two categories).

3) 21% of companies have no switchboard operator or even an answering machine outside of normal office hours. So basically if you’re ringing in from Asia or the States, get up very early or go to bed very late to do so (and hope that the switchboard operator speaks English).

4) It gets better. 47% (no, that’s not a typing mistake) do not reply to complaints. So there’s no point writing that the non-speaking sleeping switchboard operator hung up on you.

5) 43% of companies when called refused to communicate the number of their companies help line.

Now, putting all of that together is possibly a little too much for my fading maths memories, but I reckon that somewhere along the line, we’re probably at between 1 in 3 and 1 in 5 who actually deal with customers properly.

The interesting thing is that there is a league table. Bottom of the listĀ  i.e. they must be hundreds of times worse asĀ  the averages listed above. Poweo, an electricity generating company. And just before them in 199th position out of 200?

Starbucks!! How can they not speak English!!

The 1-2-3-4 goes to the luxury and fashion houses. Moet and Chandon (champagne), Fauchon (fine foods), Chanel and Louis Vuitton in that order. All good companies making a lot of money.

Can you see any link between customer service and profitability in these figures?

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