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The German model

February 19th, 2010 admin Leave a comment Go to comments

There’s been a fair deal of questions in France over the past few months – basically a request for root cause analyses of why Germany seems to be handling the economic crisis a little better (the least that canĀ  be said) than in this country.

I have a one word answer to that one : ‘teamwork’. Whereas all over France industrial actions seems to be breaking out at the moment, the trade unions defending the interests of the German automotive and metal workers agreed yesterday to an agreement which will, in reality, hold salaries steady over the next year in return for guarantees on the level of employment over the next two.

Call it what you want – ‘win-win’ or ‘give-give’ – but the truth is that, in the current climate, such compromises are inevitable.

And while in France and other European countries, factories are closing down and hypermarkets are on strike, Germany is holding on to its skilled workers.

Just guess who my money is on for being the first out of the recession?

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