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A ninth waste identified by Air France

Depending on what you are reading or who you are talking to, part of Lean is about eliminating either the seven or the eight standard wastes, the eighth in question being insufficient use of human potential and competences. Well, I can announce a ninth one, according to a recent governement report looking into criminality in Paris airports.

The ninth waste in question is theft, and Air France, being the major carrier into and out of Paris, is suffering the most from the lack of process control of goods destined to make trips with Air France more comfortable.

For example, blankets, pillow cases and tablecloths used in the long haul flights mysteriously disappear…. most probably in the hands of the passengers themselves, at a cost of 1,9m euros per year. The loss of cutlery and porcelain plates and cups amounts almost to as much.

However, it is not just the passengers who have light fingers. It is estimated that one in ten bottles of champagne never actually makes it onto the plane in the first place. The toiletries are another favourite for those dealing with the transport, as well as the meals themselves. And almost half a million of euros worth of newspapers disappear without trace. What can they possibly do with a few hundred copies of today’s papers?

Duty-free items, despite stringent security, and first-aid kits come in for the same treatment. But probably the most strange items to disappear are the metal trolleys used to serve meals and drinks. 630 000 euros worth, taken probably for the value of the metal!

The fact that the word ‘theft’ is the same in French (’vol’) as the word flight, this report potentially adds a new slant to Air France’s marketing campaigns!

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