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Why, why, why, why, why?

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In 2009 in France, 43% of new car sales were of  models manufactured in France, that is a 14% drop on ten years earlier. And of the cars manufactured in France, 64% of components were sourced in France (compared with 67% in 1999).

Just one extract from an interesting study that came out this week from the Ministry of Industry. Globally, the percentage of French components in French products has dropped by 75% to 69%. Only a 6%  drop, you may be saying, but when multiplied by trillions of components sourced over the period, it’s pretty easy to understand why French industry is seen to be in decline.

Some industries come out better than others. 86% of components in high tech products are French, as are 80% of luxury goods. However, trains (including the TGV include only 62%, and the airlines just over half).

All of a sudden it is easy to understand why Airbus, for example, has faced consecutive delays to some of its major programmes. There most be a million or so components (if not more) on an A380. It would be a major job getting them delivered, tested and passed even with suppliers housed next door. If almost half of the parts have to be passed through customs and any questions raised during testing fed through a translator, it could become a little more difficult. Unless there are masses of stock both at final assembly and on the high seas or in distribution centres around the world.

It does make you want to ask ‘why’ at least five times!

In any case, the French government has decided to react and is thinking about introducing a ‘made in France’ label. How they are going to define ‘made in France’ based on some of the figures above is another story entirely.

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