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Lean Business France

October 14th, 2009 admin No comments

Hello, and welcome to the Lean Business blog. My name is Peter Klym, and I head up Lean Business France. Based in the south-west of France, but mobile pretty much everywhere (as yet, we’ve had no propositions to work in totally hostile and unwelcoming environments), we provide support to French and international companies in the implementation of the ‘Lean Management System’ (i.e. this is much more that manufacturing) and Supply Chain optimisation programmes and projects, with a little structured Change Management thrown in to give your transformation initiatives the best chances of succeeding.

We offer training from boardroom level to the shop- or office-floor, organise and coordinate management seminars, and accompany company management and their teams on the Lean Supply Chain ‘journey’. Obviously, the precise nature of our interventions depending on a particular customer’s requirements… and we just love adding value. We also propose a structured change management approach, whether it be accompanying future ‘Lean Leaders’ or hand-holding the operational teams on the shop-floor or in the office areas.

That’s the intro. The aim of the blog? I think fundamentally to show that we are a little more human that maybe the cold indifference of a commercial website – (French language) and (English language) – might reveal. We have always considered that training, seminar and improvement activities can also be fun, and this is a key factor in our approach. As secondary objectives, sharing our observations on Lean Supply Chain progress in general is obviously a key one, and giving you the urge to get in touch with us is maybe another (and if you are gluttons for punishment, there’s also the French-language blog ( And no, they are not exact translations of each other.

We won’tbe posting every day, our customer commitments hopefully making it a little difficult, but there will regularly be new material. And if you are interested, please contact us at and maybe we will manage to set up a call or even a face-to-face.

Thanks for reading, will be back in touch soon.

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